Charting a course

Charting a Course

Every now and again I am reminded of the scope of D/s. Sure there is the sex and the play (in whatever form that takes) and there are the rules, small in number though they may be, but there is still more. There is that moment when what it means is taking charge when you need to. When you see that your sub is getting stressed over a decision or course of action.

That is when you must be the calm and steady voice of reason. To look at the situation and plot a course that is the best (or as close as you can make it) way to move forward. It is vital that I able to step up when that is needed. Otherwise Molly will feel lost and upset when all that has to happen is to have clear direction given.

That doesn’t mean I have to micro manage, that would not work for either of us. But she expects me to know when it is time to step in and save her from the spiral of doubt that would happen if I did not. Sometimes it is just a discussion where I am able to talk to her about the problem and solicit her opinion and by the time we reach the end of that talk she will find that she knew the answer all along.

She relies on me in those moments when she gets herself in a fluster (she often borrows trouble) where one thought cascades into another until she feels like everything is out of control. I wouldn’t say I look forward to those moments, but I am glad when I am able to show her that with a course of action all will be well.

It is those moment when I am reminded of why this lifestyle works so well for us.

Now if we could just do something about teenagers.


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