fireworks for the beginning of the end

The beginning of the end

This is day 266 of this blog. Way back on January 1st when I started this it seemed like a good idea, a blog post a day for a year. How tough could it be? Damn tough, and here we are with 100 days left until 2017.

I am new to blogging. I have watched and helped Molly blog for many years. I have proofread, been the title department and kept all of the back end working, but I was very rarely the writer. There is a very good reason for that. I am not a very good writer. I know I have my moments when it all comes together and to be completely fair I am starting to care less that I suck. The fact that I have gotten as far as I have with this insane project is satisfaction enough.

Since I target for at least 300 words per post minimum I have written well over 100,000 word so far this year. That would make a decent length book and I will add at least 30,000 more words by the time the fireworks are going off to ring in the New Year.

I have had the advantage of riding on Molly’s coat tails when it came to starting off, many people who read me joined because of her much more popular and better written blog and that helped a lot. Having regular readers made me feel like I wasn’t just shouting in the dark and knowing that while they might have come (yes this will make her giggle) because of Molly, they stayed because of me.

The blog has been as honest as I could make it without just having you all move in with Molly and I, and it certainly has been a learning experience for me, I hope it has been a little helpful to you my dear reader.

So as we approach the beginning of the end, or maybe the end of the beginning I wonder what you think I should write about for these last 100 posts? Do you have a question you have always wanted to ask? Leave any questions or suggestions in the comments, or ask me on Twitter, or DM if you want to be discreet, or even if you want to whisper something dirty in my ear.

I won’t mind.


7 thoughts on “The beginning of the end

  1. I have enjoyed your blog quite a bit. My blog sometimes feels like it is running out of ideas too, but people keep reading it, and most importantly if I haven’t done one in a few days my Master asks me where the new blog is, so that keeps me inspired. Here are some popular topic suggestions: obedience, duty- how does it work both ways?, relationship thrills vs. comfort zone, how to decide what to control as the Dom, D/s vs. M/s in your opinion.

  2. If you are not a good writer this means I am a bad reader ;-).I read your blog everyday and I do not agree you are a bad writer.I love the style in between the lines is brillint to me and I hope new year is not the end……Thank you both for your work in your blogs :-).

  3. I disagree that you are not a good writer. I read everything that you and Molly write, and I would say that you have learned your lessons well, Grasshoppa…..

    You two and other sex bloggers have inspired me to write a sex blog of my own. It’s starting off really slowly, but I know in time I will get up to speed.

    I hope that your blog will not just be an experiment for this year and you will continue to write next year as well. So many of your topics are ones that are very relevant to as well.

  4. I hope you wont give up, while I don’t always agree with what you say (it would be boring indeed, if we all thought the same), I still come back to see what you say, every day.
    I enjoy both your fiction and your factual and I certainly don’t consider you a bad writer at all.
    If I was to have any requests, then perhaps, a little more of your fiction as we slide towards long dark evenings of winter please?

  5. I can’t really imagine writing a post a day for a year. The concept is more than a little bit jitter-inducing for me, so I admire your fortitude in dogging it out. I know very well the wax/wane cycle of the Muse Moon, and I’m amazed that it doesn’t seem to phase (pun intended) you.

    We are always our own worst critics. Writing may not always come “easily” or “naturally” to you, but I find the majority of your posts to be easy to read in that they have a natural flow. Whether that’s in putting precision on your points, creating a follow-able story line, or setting up a punchline, you are typically an organized and precise writer.

    I’m sure there are thousands of ideas floating around in your head, and Molly is a wonderful creative inspiration, but if you are wanting to add to your list of possible topics:

    Anything related to travel
    Ditto, food
    Writing about writing (your process)
    Your upbringing vs your kinking (impact play, etc)
    What the fuck is a munch and why go?
    Thoughts on identity
    One Penis Policy (OPP)
    Fantasy vs Reality on sexual things you’ve tried

    You’ve skimmed the surface on some of those things, and some may be too personal, but that’s a short list of what curiosities have been piqued in reading your blog these past months. 🙂

  6. I found your blog some time ago, you were recommended to me on twitter. I loved it from day one! Since then you and Molly have turned me onto such wonderful bloggers. So many now I have trouble keeping up. Thank you for that. I don’t feel so alone now, there are others that think like me and its okay. The relationship between the two of you gives me hope, that a D/s relationship can work. I know it will be a lot of work and I am willing to do that with the right person or persons. The poly life appeals to me. I hope you continue writing your blog, your honesty and humor is needed in this crazy mixed up world. Thanks again and “keep on rocking in the free world”.

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