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Anything you can do I can do better

I don’t know how many times I need to repeat this but it seems I haven’t said it often enough.

No ones submission is any better than someone elses. This is also true for Doms. You are not better than I am and I am not better than you. We are all unique in D/s. Say it with me







What is important is that we learn what we and our partners need and desire from D/s and then work like mad to make sure those needs are me. What we do not need is to spend our time worrying about who is more sub or who is more Dom.

Sure you can find that you have skill with rope. Or can swing a paddle better than anyone else, but in the end if that is all it means to you, then why are you doing it? I am not the best Dom, Molly is not the best sub. But we try to be the best of both of those things for each other. If we don’t we risk losing what makes D/s work for us.

I do my very best to not measure our relationship by what others do, I know Molly is the same but that doesn’t mean it is easy. I know that she sometimes wishes she could take more while we are doing impact play and I wish I could be more accepting of her desires for other men.

At the end of it all what matters is how you feel about your D/s. I revel in ours and tend to scoff at the people who play the “I’m a twuer sub/Dom/me than you are” But that doesn’t mean if I see someone straying into that territory online I am not going to sit and be quiet about it. I am going to have to speak my mind and gently question if they have given full thought to the matter.

As I have said recently, “We all have our own path”

Thanks for your attention to this rambling reiteration of things I have said before.


One thought on “Anything you can do I can do better

  1. Never a truer word spoken…or typed in this instance.

    I have found that those that usually insist that their way is the true way have not yet embraced the Idea That “We all have our own path” and that path is unique to each one of us whether individually or as a couple/or more.

    They seem to still need the reassurance provided by belonging to a section of the kink community which have set guideline of acceptance in order to belong. They have not yet (or may never) Know the feeling of freedom and joy that comes with the realization of (for me personally) I no longer give a damn.

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