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You are what you Tweet

I had a bit of a rant on Twitter  today after revisiting website called humbled females. No, I am not going to link to it. If you really want to know you can just go and find it on your own. It is my belief after reading the site is that it is an offshoot of a MRA Reddit forum and I personally do not suggest that anyone follow the advice provided on this site.

It did inspire the following tweets which are quoted below for all those that missed it online or don’t do Twitter. I have only edited for spelling.

Let me be perfectly clear here.
I am a fan of submissive women
I do not believe that it is womens “natural state”

You can be strong and independent and feminist and be submissive.
Anyone that tells you otherwise and dismisses you has another agenda

Likewise if your version of submission is one of utter servitude and others tell you that is wrong.
They have another agenda

When people set absolute values on something that is hugely personal and individual.
They have another agenda

I do not want a “Humbled Female”
I want a woman who knows what she wants, isn’t afraid to ask for it.

And is willing to explore what that means with me. Together, as partners, for as long as that works for us both.

One Twue Wayism no matter how it is couched assumes that you can only be right if you do as you are told. No matter how you feel about it

That my kinky friends is a cult.
And cults are never looking out for you.
They only want fanatics

So if you read this nonsense and it makes you doubt yourself (its actual purpose) take a step back.

Consult with others, discuss your concerns and issues, because to me (note that I said to me) that is what D/s is

and be very wary of anyone that tells you to simply accept what they say.
Anyone that shuts down conversation
is trying to control you

and not in the fun way.
Consent is sexy
Discussion is sexy
Learning is sexy
Growth is sexy


The connected tweets ended there but as always I had a tiny bit more to say

All of my words anywhere are my opinion and only apply as you see fit.

Question me about everything

As I told my kids
Question authority, but raise your hand.


I think maybe I write better when I am forced to be concise and keep on topic.


P.S. For those that don’t use the right client you probably haven’t seen that my twitter avatar moves, so I will embed it here

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3 responses to “You are what you Tweet”

  1. It moves? Who knew 😉

  2. “You can be strong and independent and feminist and be submissive.”

    Yes, and I know that because I am all of this…

    Thank you.

  3. I have friends who are really into that. My opinion is that if it is what floats your boat, go for it. But I draw the line at them telling others what they should be or should not be, for instance saying “All women should be submissive.” No, just no, they are not. Some women want to be humbled females. Most don’t.

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