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  • Who’s your Daddy?

    Who’s your Daddy?



    There is a new chapter of my life that I want to talk about. I know this is a sensitive area for some and certainly is a contentious one in the D/s community. People have strong opinions often based on misconceptions. I have hesitated to write this post because I know that some feel strongly…

  • Carpe Kitten

    Carpe Kitten

    Many of you know that I have a kitten now, but even though we have tweeted about it people have been shy it seems about asking questions. That changed today when I got a DM with the following questions. I asked if it was OK to share those questions with kitten and Molly and got…

  • Father Knows Best

    Father Knows Best



    So have you heard about #daddygate on twitter? No, well perhaps I should enlighten you. A twitter user who I shall not name here (but who’s username contains daddy) told the twitter world at large that all Cis Het people out their should stop using daddy because it had been appropriated from the LGBT community.…