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  • Ain’t that a Shame

    Ain’t that a Shame


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    I can’t stand Kim Kardashian, really, not one little bit. I have no idea why she is famous and why anyone pays any attention to her at all. But here I am writing a post to defend her. Not only to defend her but to wonder  what happened to P!nk, someone who I do respect…

  • I Love Big, Black,

    I Love Big, Black,

    Floggers Welcome to the This D/s Life Toy Tour, an occasional feature here where we will introduce our collection one item at a time, and to start the tour off I would like to showcase one of our favorite implements, may I present to you. Black Moosehide Flogger This amazing flogger was custom made for…

  • Out of the Closet

    Out of the Closet


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    No, neither Molly or I are coming out of the closet as gay. I am boringly and stunningly heterosexual, and Molly says she is heteroflexible. This is about being out of the closet about our D/s Rye asked in comments on yesterdays post Do you separate your non-kinky aspects of your life? Do you even…

  • Question Time

    Question Time

    One of the things he used to say to me all the time early on in our relationship when we were long distance was ‘ask me a question’. The first time he did it I didn’t think anything of it but instead took a moment to think of something I wanted to know and fired…

  • To the Pain!

    To the Pain!

    Today I read this post by @BibulousOne about the intersectional relationship between Dominance and Sadism and Submission and Masochism. For the most part I completely agree with it however I am not convinced that anyone truly inhabits the centre cross, which is supposedly the non kink folks. I truly believe that everyone has a kink,…

  • Lay Your Hands on Me

    Lay Your Hands on Me

    I have a thing about hands. Not all hands, just men’s hands. I have no interest in women’s hands, but men, I always notice their hands. I like big hands; they need to look strong and powerful. I think the right word might be rugged, a little weather worn, maybe a scar or some sign…

  • Attention to Detail

    Attention to Detail

    Today I made a Lasagna, I hope it comes out as well as I have planned. I suspect it will because of the attention to detail I put into making it. Making Lasagna is a balancing act, it requires getting the proportions of ingredients just right. I start with a coating of olive oil at…

  • 13 lessons

    13 lessons

    13 lessons I have learned Never salute him, even if you think it is behind his back, the magic of mirrors can betray you. Never EVER spank his butt as he goes up the stairs in front of you. Never say ‘Come on then, if you think your tough enough’. Only ever reply with ‘Make…

  • Sharper Image

    Sharper Image

    About a week ago this comment was left here in response to this image: Off the cuff. The marks across my bottom were made by a knife. Rather than answering in the comments I thought I would turn it into a post. The first indication that knives might be a thing for me came about…

  • Love letters

    Love letters

    There are a lot misconceptions about BDSM and D/s relationships but one of the ones that seems fairly common is the notion that they are not romantic and loving, particularly with reference to the dominant partner. The steely-faced humourless dominant, both male and female, who remain mysterious and aloof and possibly even cold towards to…