Molly in the corner for Ain't that a Shame
Black Flogger Tails for Toy Tour
A dildo on the draining board and not in the closet
Phone image for question time. Hi people using screen readers!
The marks of Molly's pain

To the Pain!

Today I read this post by @BibulousOne about the intersectional relationship between Dominance and Sadism and Submission and Masochism. For the most part I completely agree with it however I […]

male hand reaching out
Uncooked Lasagne for Attention to Detail
13 lessons Crop and marks on Molly's bum
Molly Licking a Knife Image
Love letter to Molly from domsigns

Love letters

There are a lot misconceptions about BDSM and D/s relationships but one of the ones that seems fairly common is the notion that they are not romantic and loving, particularly […]