Molly with a halo pretending she is a good girl

Who’s a Good Girl?

Good Girl is something that I say to Molly (on the rare occasions she is actually good) and we both like it very much. She likes being told when I am pleased with something she has done and she is pleased when I praise her.

The words you use with people matter, and people can take words to heart. This post is inspired by some lovely people who I know on twitter (one of them has a locked account so I will leave them anonymous) and were having a bit of banter and the words Good Girl were included in the conversation and suddenly the Dom in the conversation realized what had happened and expressed his unease. The sub (bratty though she may be) had a response that just struck me as so apt. ” that’s good. You understand the weight of those words.” his response was equally aware that a line was near.

But I never use that expression with anyone else. There are many reasons for that, the most important being that I only have my own Good Girl, just the one. There are lots of submissive women out there and I will chat and flirt and tease, but to paraphrase Meatloaf I won’t say that.

It means something, at least it does when I say it, and I am not going to say it to someone who is not mine to say it to. I place too much value on that simple phrase that carries such deep meaning. What about you? Is it something you say freely, or is it reserved for someone special?

Me? I am just going to wait here at home for Molly to come back from here evening in London and if she has been a Good Girl she might even get an orgasm.


P. S. I know she will say when she reads this, she will say “I’m a good girl I am” in her best Eliza Doolittle Cockney accent.


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  1. Rose Bliss Avatar
    Rose Bliss

    I live for the times Dark Horizons says Good Girl to me. But you know, I don’t actually mind it from others either, as long as it is sincere and not condescending. In my family, I was the invisible child, and never got any kind of praise at all, only told all the things I did wrong. Those feelings don’t go away when you grow up. I still crave positive reinforcement from anyone but especially Doms. I’m sure it has something to do with the daddy issues I’m learning to deal with.

  2. I love good girl at the right time from my man. You won’t be surprised to know that with my independent streak, those words from others really rub me up the wrong way. It is about a special dynamic and those words as weight. I hope Molly got the delights a good girl should.

  3. *hand up* I was the Dom.

    I started off as a joking conversation, as you said. One of the subs involved tweeted something about being a good girl, or not. My response (too lazy to look it up) was something like “The best good girls are very, very bad.”

    The banter continued, while I felt a growing sense of unease. I can count the number of women (all subs) I have said “Good girl.” to on one hand. One is Silverdrop (of course), the others were temporary play partners.

    Words have meaning. Words have power. I try to use the carefully and, as yesterday, apologise quickly and sincerely if I get it wrong.

    I’m hoping Molly and the other sub involved in the tweets will have time to comment here.

  4. Daisy Avatar

    I remember when my boss texted me before I went on holiday. He text “be a good girl for your mum” I was uncomfortable and my Sir was uncomfortable. For us saying good girl is only reserved for my Sir and I only want to hear it from my Sir 🙂

  5. Words can win or lose a situation – use them wisely or don’t use them at all is my motto!

    Velvet x

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