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  • The end to a long dry spell, on a rainy weekend

    The end to a long dry spell, on a rainy weekend



    It has been much delayed but we finally managed it. We had a kids free weekend where no one was ill and we didn’t have big work projects hanging over our head. Not that the weekend was work free and Molly kept saying things like “I have so much to do” But I put my…

  • The play’s the thing

    The play’s the thing

    I love words, they move me in so many ways. When I read a good book, or a brilliantly written blog post. Or when Molly says them to me. When she calls me Sir it gives my the same thrill that it did the first time she said it to me. When we are having…

  • The Care and Feeding of your Dom Body

    The Care and Feeding of your Dom Body



    Life is often good for helping me out with post ideas, after writing a post, Every. Single. Day! What a ridiculous notion, who thought that was a good idea? Oh, yeah it might have been me. Anyway, it can be hard to come up with something to write about to fill up this daunting white…

  • Nothing but the Naked Truth

    Nothing but the Naked Truth

    This Sunday we are heading off to a Clothed Male/naked female event that we attend on a regular basis. They are held 2/3 times a year at a venue that we absolutely love. The people there are always lovely, the play equipment is excellent, there is plenty of space for everyone and you even get…

  • Tough Enough

    Tough Enough



    “You have to hold back with me.” She said “You don’t have to hold back with her” Molly worries that she can’t take enough, that she isn’t good enough or tough enough. And in a way she is right about one detail, I can hit some others harder than I can hit her, but that…

  • Alphabet Soup

    Alphabet Soup

    People love to shorten things up into acronyms and the BDSM community is no different (look, even I do it) and that is because people are lazy (and twitter has a character limit) but we do end up with a bunch of letters that we toss around and often that doesn’t actually make anything better.…

  • Weekend Report

    Weekend Report

    We went out this weekend, it is an event we attend as often as they have it. While we do play at home (not enough to suit either of us) there is something special about playing out. There is a atmosphere at this event that just works. It is exceedingly well run with a light…

  • Goody, Goody, Dom-drop

    Goody, Goody, Dom-drop



    The lovely @RubyGoodnight had a question from way back when I asked the good people of twitter for suggestions on topics. She wanted to know about Dom-drop. To those not aware of what Dom-drop is, it is the counterpart to Sub-drop, the come down after a play session that can be pretty intense after the…

  • Take it, to the Limit

    Take it, to the Limit



    It has been a little while since I have answered one of the many fine questions asked on twitter so I thought I’d try tackling another one. @EuclideanPoint I’d be interested in your thoughts on limits – negotiating, hard/soft, when it’s good/bad to try and push them and how.. Yesterday I wrote about the BDSM…